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Designed in Sweden / Made in Poland

Only Shirts Since 1949

Oscar of Sweden is a family owned company that creates shirts for the modern and fashion forward men. Oscar of Sweden makes shirts with a twist. Some of them are timeless and classic, while others are trendy and seasonal. All our collections are made with focus on craftsmanship, design, quality and perfect fit.

Working with shirts, shirts and even more shirts for over 60 years, we know how to get things done and to get them just right. Our designers have always had a common purpose: to create the perfect shirt. Founded in 1949, it was run from a small basement in textile town Borås on the Swedish west coast. With focus on only shirts it gradually grew larger over the years. Owners and siblings Per and Ewa Åhman started out early, pressing collars and cutting threads under their father’s watch. They soon learned the necessity of putting consideration and thought into every part of the work. Today our quality shirts are sold all over the world but are still designed in Borås, Sweden.

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